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Conference Directory is an international conference, seminar, and workshop directory.

We offer a search for resources that can be accessed online. The directory is dedicated to helping researchers and professionals in all science areas be more engaged with the research and business community.

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To make it clear below we cited a broad definion of the conference.




Full Definition of conference

  1. 1a : a meeting of two or more persons for discussing matters of common concern b : a usually formal interchange of views : consultation c : a meeting of members of the two branches of a legislature to adjust differencesd : caucus

  2. also conferrence play: bestowal, conferment

  3. 3a : a representative assembly or administrative organization of a religious denomination b : a territorial division of a religious denomination

  4. 4: an association of athletic teams

Examples of conference in a sentence

  1. The organization held its annual conference in New York this year.

  2. national conferences on women's health

  3. a conference of foreign ministers

  4. Our boss called a conference to discuss the new changes.

  5. He spent an hour in conference with the president.

  6. the champions of the American Football Conference




conference noun [ C ]

B1 an event, sometimes lasting a few days, at which there is a group of talks on a particular subject, or a meeting in which especially business matters are discussed formally:
a conference on women's rights
They frequently hold conferences at that hotel.
I'm speaking at/attending a conference next week.
Should I book the conference room for the meeting?
be in conference formal

to be in a meeting:

Ms O'Neill isn't available at the moment. She's in conference.

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